My Perpetual journal

I have to be honest, but this idea is not mine. I came across it when researching different types of journal. I hope that Lara Gastinger won’t mind me taking her name in vain, but I saw that she had been doing this for years.

Many people try to do a drawing a day, but knowing how I get involved in what I do, I thought I would never get anything else done. My aim was to be quicker with what I do – but that is what everyone wants to be. Many of my students want to paint faster, and I remember I wanted to do so when I first started painting botanical subjects. But I get slower and slower because I increase the detail and complexity of my paintings.

Because each picture takes so long to finish, I am doing very little ordinary quick sketches. I wanted to increase my output and thus increase my ability to make quick sketch notes. How was I going to do it?

I now have an A5 Stillman & Birn Zeta sketchbook and have set off a double page to do one sketch a week, and next year I will go back again to the same page to do another one. I have done this since March this year, but missed three weeks whilst I was sketching and colour matching mountain plants in Norway.

Why does this help me? Well, I have decided to minimise the graphite help marks I draw so that I go straight into it with pen, then do colour washes.

23-24 August this year I am having my annual Fruit & veg workshop (places still available)and I thought some preparation sketches for this would be ideal in my Perpetual diary. This is what I have done today. I took several photos so that you can see the stages. If you want to learn about this – and more, get in touch and sign up as soon as you can.

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3 thoughts on “My Perpetual journal

  1. Oh, so that’s who got this type of journal started. I just got two journals for it, one for nature and one for general. I think, at first, I’m going to be using it to experiment with new techniques to improve my skills, at least in the general one. thanks for the inspiration!

    1. You are very welcome. Lara has done a lot in relation to her perpetual journal and you can follow her and her work on Instagram. No point in taking the credit for what she has done, especially as she is such a lovely lady and is also very keen on helping people improve their skills in botanical art. That is what quite a few of us want to achieve.

      1. I don’t do instagram, and Facebook keeps kicking me off for supposedly violating policies… probably because I don’t share a bunch of crap, or post political, or purchase online. Now, they’re asking me to post a picture of my passport for identification… it’s a crock that I refuse to participate in. I am ever looking to improve my artwork in general.

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