About me


Gaynor Dickeson Dip SBA(Dist), SBA, SFP, is a distinguished and award winning botanical artist with pictures in collections around the world.

I won a Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) Silver Grenfell medal in 2011 for my Magnolia x soulangeana series in watercolour and, a Silver Gilt medal in 2014 for the ‘Small is beautiful’ series of crab apple paintings in coloured pencil. Additionally, I have won similar accolades in America and Italy.

One often reads about artists who say they have always been able to do draw and paint – but it was not the case for me. As a child I wanted to draw like some of my friends and so practiced and practiced. As with most artists, I was initially self-taught.

Originally leaning towards ornithology, I continued to develop my drawing, painting and teaching skills during the 25 years I lived in Norway. The resulting pictures were a culmination of my research into the detail of the birds through watching, sketching and photographing them in their natural habitat. In addition I was lucky enough to be supported in my work by Stavanger Museum who loaned me bird skins from their precious collection. However, after moving back to the UK, I found myself without those connections and was unable to continue painting birds in the same way as previously.

England is known for its gardens and plants, so it was very natural for me to turn to painting that which I saw all around me , leading to my interest in botanical art.

I create my highly detailed paintings with coloured pencils, watercolours, pen and ink or graphite; always feeling that I want to dig deeper into the heart of the plant I am depicting. I often turn to a microscope to help with this. This fascination started with a magnolia seed when painting the Magnolia x soulangeana series. The seed hung from the fruit with a fine thread. I wondered what the thread was and where it came from so dissected the seed. Many of my paintings include dissections, winning awards of botanical merit with the Society of Botanical Artists (SBA).

I accept commissions, sell original paintings, limited edition gicleé prints and cards. I also thoroughly enjoy teaching botanical art classes locally and workshops about once a month.

An active member of the Society of Botanical Artists and the Society of Floral Painters, I exhibit regularly with both and often hold practical demonstrations at their main exhibitions.

My students tell me that they look and see the world around them with completely new eyes. How wonderful! There is an endless supply of subjects all year round. I will never get bored.


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