The Tigger cards arrived with their rightful owner.

Surprisingly, my daughter already has got the cards I sent to her of Tigger. She will have to wait to get the original until we see her at Christmas. She has done exactly what she wanted to do initially and that is to give a picture of Tigger to the Vet in Tønsberg as a thank you for saving him this autumn. Tønsberg, by the way, is in Norway and not far from Åsgårdstrand where we have the summer botanical art workshop holiday.

Back to the vet and Tigger, apparently he was so ill, that they downed tools and concentrated on him, also giving my daughter additional help when she was unable to get medication into him. When he eventually recovered, he actually walked home by the side of her – and he doesn’t like going out!

Helen has just sent this picture as she is about to post the card. Now you can guess that it is written in Norwegian, therefore most will not understand what it says. I just thought it looked rather sweet with Tigger seemingly peeping round the edge of of the card.

Tigger again

The Norwegian Heatwave

It has been and is very warm. It is 23:00 now and the coolest it has been for 3 days – 22 degrees C. The temperature has gone over 30 the last two days and has been warm at night. Too warm for me but Robin enjoys it.

Two days ago we went round the Slottsfjell (Castle mountain) Museum in Tønsberg, which included a tour round the tunnels within the hill, dug out by the Nazis during the 2nd World War. It was lovely and cool in the tunnel system and my glasses steamed over when I got out into the daylight again.

Yesterday we visited Bærums Verk outside Oslo. We did a lot of walking up hill and down dale, in the blazing sun. It was a lovely area.


However the evening was best. My family took me for a lovely walk around Føynland, an island off the island of Nøtterøy outside Tønsberg. There lovely pictures were taken about 20:30, including my husband swimming. Can anyone wonder why I love Norway?








Continuing the holiday in beautiful Norway

On Sunday, after a lovely long breakfast with all from the Botanical Art course overlooking the Oslo Fjord, we said our sorrowful fairwells. It was very sad as we had grown quite close as a group during the week.

We had struggled together ( including me in trying to paint a picture too fast), laughed a lot. Listened to each other and got to know one another a whole lot more than we had done initially. Funnily enough we were also satisfied in staying in Åsgårdstrand for the whole Week with just a couple of small excursions. The focus was definitely making the most of the opportunity to paint botanically as much as possible.

The result was as you saw in the last blog. Pretty amazing.

When I went home to my daughter, she and my son were very busy getting food ready for a barbecue with friends I hadn’t seen for very many years. We had a lovely reunion with a lot of catching up to do in addition to eating all the lovely food that had been prepared. I feel very spoilt all round.

Today we took things very easy, had a coffee in Tønsberg, then climbed up Slottsfjellet (The castle’s mountain). Tønsberg is the oldest town in Norway And therefore has a lot of history. I took the next pictures from the top – obviously using the zoom on my camera.



Can you believe the day was finished off with my son cleaning my daughter’s driveway with a high pressure washer. I think he actually enjoyed it!



At last, the Botanical Art Holiday in Norway detail


Link to webpage for information and booking downloads

A botanical art workshop in Norway is coming

Would you like to do a botanical art workshop in Norway? Would you like to do this in Edvard Munch’s home town of Åsgårdstrand near Tønsberg in South Eastern Norway? Now is your chance.

Recently some of my students asked me to organise a summer painting holiday in Norway. I have been making enquires and this is very likely to happen from 29th June next year for one week.

The hotel in which we will stay lies on the coast along the Oslo fjord and the room in which we will be painting looks directly out onto the sea with east facing natural light. This is a fantastic time of year with long hours of daylight for us to enjoy.

Obviously, the intention is have a botanical art workshop, but I also want you to have time to relax and to look around the area. I have yet to arrange all the details, but I plan an afternoon tour of Edvard Munch’s home and studio where ‘The Scream’ was born.

Please let me know if you would like to join us as soon as possible as I keep my classes small so that I can give everyone the individual attention they need.

Hear are a few pictures from the beautiful area around Tønsberg, Nøtterøy and the islands in the area. Are they tempting you? Do the brilliant colours make you want to paint?