Continuing the holiday in beautiful Norway

On Sunday, after a lovely long breakfast with all from the Botanical Art course overlooking the Oslo Fjord, we said our sorrowful fairwells. It was very sad as we had grown quite close as a group during the week.

We had struggled together ( including me in trying to paint a picture too fast), laughed a lot. Listened to each other and got to know one another a whole lot more than we had done initially. Funnily enough we were also satisfied in staying in Åsgårdstrand for the whole Week with just a couple of small excursions. The focus was definitely making the most of the opportunity to paint botanically as much as possible.

The result was as you saw in the last blog. Pretty amazing.

When I went home to my daughter, she and my son were very busy getting food ready for a barbecue with friends I hadn’t seen for very many years. We had a lovely reunion with a lot of catching up to do in addition to eating all the lovely food that had been prepared. I feel very spoilt all round.

Today we took things very easy, had a coffee in Tønsberg, then climbed up Slottsfjellet (The castle’s mountain). Tønsberg is the oldest town in Norway And therefore has a lot of history. I took the next pictures from the top – obviously using the zoom on my camera.



Can you believe the day was finished off with my son cleaning my daughter’s driveway with a high pressure washer. I think he actually enjoyed it!



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