The Norwegian Heatwave

It has been and is very warm. It is 23:00 now and the coolest it has been for 3 days – 22 degrees C. The temperature has gone over 30 the last two days and has been warm at night. Too warm for me but Robin enjoys it.

Two days ago we went round the Slottsfjell (Castle mountain) Museum in Tønsberg, which included a tour round the tunnels within the hill, dug out by the Nazis during the 2nd World War. It was lovely and cool in the tunnel system and my glasses steamed over when I got out into the daylight again.

Yesterday we visited Bærums Verk outside Oslo. We did a lot of walking up hill and down dale, in the blazing sun. It was a lovely area.


However the evening was best. My family took me for a lovely walk around Føynland, an island off the island of Nøtterøy outside Tønsberg. There lovely pictures were taken about 20:30, including my husband swimming. Can anyone wonder why I love Norway?








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