First week of the Palmengarten, Frankfurt exhibition

This week we have had visitors at home, therefore I have done little work. However, now it is catch-up time.

I have been sorting through some of the over 450 photograp

hs Robin and I took leading up to the trip out to Germany, the exhibition hanging activity, what the exhibition looks like, the opening and home

again. I thought that you might like to see some of the photographs from the exhibition itself and I will try to post some fairly regularly for you to see.


Art work by Norma Gregory
Art work by Norma Gregory
Artwork by Cheryl Wilbraham
Artwork by Cheryl Wilbraham
Artwork by Gaynor Dickeson
Artwork by Gaynor Dickeson
Artwork by Akiko Sato & Barbara McGirr
Artwork by Akiko Sato & Barbara McGirr
Artwork by Lucille Carter
Artwork by Lucille Carter
Artwork by Kate Green, Sarah Wood & Lucille Carter
Artwork by Kate Green, Sarah Wood & Lucille Carter

Last but not least, we now have deposits on 21 pictures of the pictures in the exhibition.

The first Monday of the Palmengarten exhibition

The van was returned to Portsmouth, but this time trains didn’t connect, so I followed Robin in the car. Our drive now only contains our car. The bedrooms are reclaimed, the mess has yet to be cleared up – until we get unsold pics back in a months time.

Up until close of play yesterday, 17 deposits have been made on botanical art pictures painted by SBA members and associate members. Although not necessarily photos of the pictures mentioned above, I am attaching some photos of pictures from the exhibition as they hang in the Palm House at Palmengarten.

Please enjoy.

Digitalis purpurea - watercolour - Gael Sellwood SBA
Digitalis purpurea – watercolour – Gael Sellwood SBA
Colchicum autumn ale - watercolour - Charlotte Linder SBA
Colchicum autumnale – watercolour – Charlotte Linder SBA
Lonicera periclymenum - pen & ink and coloured pencil - Rachel Munn SBA
Lonicera periclymenum – pen & ink and coloured pencil – Rachel Munn SBA
Fragaria x ananassa - watercolour- Yvonne Glennister Hammond SBA CPGFS
Fragaria x ananassa – watercolour- Yvonne Glennister Hammond SBA 




Saturday after Palmengarten opening

I am writing this on Sunday as by the time we got home last night I was thoroughly exhausted. We spent 13 hours travelling between Frankfurt and our home in Bosham. We were in an empty van – except for suitcases and some bubble wrap. I didn’t feel 100% when we started, but I could not understand why I was getting worse during the journey – until we put two and two together.

Robin and I were obviously very tired as a result of the hard physical work last week, but as the van was empty it was rolling around a lot. It is not like me to not to want to eat, and Robin wasn’t much better either although he was doing the driving and holding onto the wheel all the time. For any of you who picked up the tweet yesterday, I took one picture of the foggy driving conditions. It was not a nice journey.

However, whilst on the road I did get a message that we had three further deposits for pictures yesterday. That I felt was brilliant news. Today I picked up a message on the SBA Facebook page that someone there had seen a German newspaper with information about the exhibition from the 76 SBA artists and mentioning in particular two of the pictures.

I am going to attach five pictures here. Three about the journey home and both pictures mentioned in the German newspaper yesterday.


See - All gone!
See – All gone!



Parked outside the hotel in Frankfurt & ready to leave.
Parked outside the hotel in Frankfurt & ready to leave.



Is this good driving weather?
Is this good driving weather?
Gloriosa sp. (Glory Lily) in Coloured pencil by Sue Henon
Gloriosa sp. (Glory Lily) in Coloured pencil by Sue Henon
Brassica oleracea var. itlaica (Savoy Cabbage) in watercolour by Gaynor Dickeson
Brassica oleracea var. itlaica (Savoy Cabbage) in watercolour by Gaynor Dickeson

End of first day’s play!

I am very happy to say that by the end of the exhibition’s first day at Palmengarten, we’ve taken a deposit for 10 pictures!

I am really pleased about this. All the months of organising, receiving botanical art pictures, delivering and hanging them in Palmengarten’s Palm house, has really resulted in a lovely exhibition. Already a lot of people have been to see it and have been duly impressed. Congratulations to all the artists and others who helped to make it happen.

The exhibition of SBA members and associate members paintings will be on in Palmengarten for a further month. Therefore if you have the opportunity, please go and see it.

Our SBA member living in Germany will be manning the exhibition throughout and we all owe her a debt of thanks for giving up so much of her time for the benefit of our members.

Robin and I are driving back home with the van tomorrow. Hopefully it will be uneventful. The weather will certainly not be like it was a week ago when we had 26 degrees. Today it was down to 12 degrees. We are definitely into Autumn.

One of the things that I regret this time, is that the hanging team were so busy hanging and organising the exhibition overall, that we didn’t even get time to walk round the gardens in daylight – as we have done on previous occasions. But, hopefully we will get more opportunities in two years time.

Finally, a picture of Karin Wittstock, Sue Henon and Me( with Robin behind the camera), about to put our feet up with a lovely cup of tea and a delicious German cake!


Opening day of the Palmengarten/ SBA botanical art exhibition.

Quickly rushing over the first part of the day except to say that Ian Coulson and Robin Dickeson quickly took over doing the finishing touches to all of the SBA pictures. They took on cleaning and polishing the glass for every single picture, straightened up the pictures, hid tags and hanging wires etc. additionally they hung all the framed information that told visitors about the SBA.

What did the rest do? We did all the other bits and pieces necessary to make sure the exhibition was ready for this evenings opening.

The opening went perfectly and a lot of people came to it. I won’t go into guest lists or speeches, but the emphasis definitely was on ‘what is botanical art and how is it done?’

I was really pleased to see other SBA members supporting the opening and even a botanical artist I had met at the Hunt Institute of Botanical Documentation in Pittsburgh, USA last year. This world is small!

Photos, including ones of the first pictures sold today.






Second hanging day at Palmengarten Botanical Gardens, Frankfurt

I’m afraid that I don’t have a single picture to brighten up this blog today. I have been very busy as we have had many more botanical art pictures to hang than in the two previous times we (the SBA) exhibited with Palmengarten.

When the hanging team arrived at Palmengarten this morning, our men mentioned in yesterday’s blog, got stuck in with hanging more pictures. They have been absolutely amazing, even though it is not them who are SBA members but us ( the women mentioned yesterday). They are extremely supportive and what we would do without them I don’t know.

We spent the rest of the day hanging pictures, reorganising a few, straightening and labelling them. Tomorrow will be spent cleaning the glass so that they are fully presentable in all their glory.

I think this evening will be spent easing backs and feet for all of us. How we will do this is anyone’s guess, but our hotel is not far from the student area of the city, so please use your imagination.

To brighten up the page a little I will include another picture of the Bears britches painting.




First hanging day Palmengarten

I think that this evening we all look rather tired, but first of all the British hanging contingent want to thank the SBA member who treated us to a drink. We are all very grateful and overwhelmed by her very unexpected generosity.


But many will wonder how the day has gone. Here are a few of the pictures taken. Susan Christopher Coulson headed up the decision making hanging party, with Sandra Wall Armitage.


The rest of us were ‘hanging dogsbodies’. Our husbands, Ian, Ken and Robin; Sue Henon and a DLDC (distance learning course) student, Miriam Pampas; Jonas & Peter (both from Palmengarten); Pam Henderson (SBA); Renate Tessmar-Leonardy (friend of Palmengarten and lover of Camellias) and her husband (lover of Fuchsias) and of course Karin Wittstock from Palmengarten who was involved with the Palmengarten/ SBA initiative from the word go.

We have not quite finished placing all the pictures yet, but had to stop today for fear of falling off ladders!








Delivery of botanical art pictures to Palmengarten

Today has been an extremely busy day for all concerned.

Robin and I drove the van to Palmengarten, entering by a now familiar back gate. The rest of the British hanging team for today walked from our hotel and met us at the Palm House where the exhibition is to take place.





Luckily we were able to park the van directly outside the Palm House and we were welcomed by the able bodied German contingent. Now the work really began. Everyone helped to offload the van, checking each package off the list as they went.

Once the main bulk of the pictures were unloaded, two husbands from the group took the van to Dieburg about 3/4 hour outside Frankfurt. They collected the remaining pictures that had been sent directly to Sue Henon, our SBA member living in Germany, and returned to Frankfurt with these.

In the meantime, the rest of us busily unpacked the pictures, making a huge mound of packing materials to dispose of.




We have started placing the pictures, but more about this tomorrow.

Botanical artworks from the UK to Frankfurt

I had a little bit of a problem sorting photos out for yesterday’s blog, but some will recognise Jackie Gethin as the collector of half the picture collection. She and her husband also kindly gave us abed for the night in Kent as well as a lovely supper. After the van had been packed (to the hilt), we had a lovely evening playing Scrabble with a difference.

We got off just before 05:00 this morning, had our first cup of coffee on the Channel shuttle and ate breakfast in Verne, Belgium four hours after having got up. The temperature had been warm at 04:00 in the morning when we got up, but with the clear blue skies ( and some strong gusts of wind), it peaked at 26 degrees this afternoon. Today is 18 October! Fantastic.

We have taken some photos on the way to give you a glimpse of the journey the SBA members pictures have taken. My husband Robin drove, and I sat shotgun with my knitting ( my daughter will be pleased to note).




Difficult to get the photos in the right order at this time of night. A long day!


The Rhine



The driver and companion stretching legs by the Rhine.

We eventually arrived in Frankfurt at about 18:00 and met some more of the ‘hanging team’, Susan Christopher Coulson and her husband, plus Sandra Armitage.

More hopefully tomorrow.