Opening day of the Palmengarten/ SBA botanical art exhibition.

Quickly rushing over the first part of the day except to say that Ian Coulson and Robin Dickeson quickly took over doing the finishing touches to all of the SBA pictures. They took on cleaning and polishing the glass for every single picture, straightened up the pictures, hid tags and hanging wires etc. additionally they hung all the framed information that told visitors about the SBA.

What did the rest do? We did all the other bits and pieces necessary to make sure the exhibition was ready for this evenings opening.

The opening went perfectly and a lot of people came to it. I won’t go into guest lists or speeches, but the emphasis definitely was on ‘what is botanical art and how is it done?’

I was really pleased to see other SBA members supporting the opening and even a botanical artist I had met at the Hunt Institute of Botanical Documentation in Pittsburgh, USA last year. This world is small!

Photos, including ones of the first pictures sold today.






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