Delivery of botanical art pictures to Palmengarten

Today has been an extremely busy day for all concerned.

Robin and I drove the van to Palmengarten, entering by a now familiar back gate. The rest of the British hanging team for today walked from our hotel and met us at the Palm House where the exhibition is to take place.





Luckily we were able to park the van directly outside the Palm House and we were welcomed by the able bodied German contingent. Now the work really began. Everyone helped to offload the van, checking each package off the list as they went.

Once the main bulk of the pictures were unloaded, two husbands from the group took the van to Dieburg about 3/4 hour outside Frankfurt. They collected the remaining pictures that had been sent directly to Sue Henon, our SBA member living in Germany, and returned to Frankfurt with these.

In the meantime, the rest of us busily unpacked the pictures, making a huge mound of packing materials to dispose of.




We have started placing the pictures, but more about this tomorrow.

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