Botanical artworks from the UK to Frankfurt

I had a little bit of a problem sorting photos out for yesterday’s blog, but some will recognise Jackie Gethin as the collector of half the picture collection. She and her husband also kindly gave us abed for the night in Kent as well as a lovely supper. After the van had been packed (to the hilt), we had a lovely evening playing Scrabble with a difference.

We got off just before 05:00 this morning, had our first cup of coffee on the Channel shuttle and ate breakfast in Verne, Belgium four hours after having got up. The temperature had been warm at 04:00 in the morning when we got up, but with the clear blue skies ( and some strong gusts of wind), it peaked at 26 degrees this afternoon. Today is 18 October! Fantastic.

We have taken some photos on the way to give you a glimpse of the journey the SBA members pictures have taken. My husband Robin drove, and I sat shotgun with my knitting ( my daughter will be pleased to note).




Difficult to get the photos in the right order at this time of night. A long day!


The Rhine



The driver and companion stretching legs by the Rhine.

We eventually arrived in Frankfurt at about 18:00 and met some more of the ‘hanging team’, Susan Christopher Coulson and her husband, plus Sandra Armitage.

More hopefully tomorrow.

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