A new botanical art video: How to draw a Poppy seedcase in graphite

In actual fact, I ought to make a correction to the above title straight away; its How I draw a poppy seedcase in graphite.

Since we came back from Italy, I have been chasing my tail as usual. But there is a result, so the time wasn’t wasted.

I’m in the process of writing a new, online botanical art course starting off with graphite, moving to pen & ink and then either watercolour or coloured pencil (one or the other – the choice being the student’s). I have put a lot of work into the sections I have done so far and knowing that different people learn in different ways, I have thought a lot about this quite a bit.

My husband has been a beautiful model in some sections so that I have been able to explain in words and show in photographs, different techniques. That is the reading and seeing bit. But then we have audio input too, and that is where videos come in.

Some of the videos I have done so far are very short and will not be available unless through the course, but today I have actually finished one that shows how I do a botanical graphite drawing from line drawing to finished piece.

This is the finished artwork – only small and as yet I haven’t really found a title for it other than Poppy seedcase. But if you have some imaginative titles, please give me a prod. At the moment I am a little brain dead!


Poppy seedcase in graphite
Here is the link to the YouTube video. Comments are welcome: How to draw a Poppy seedcase in graphite. By the way, does anyone know the name of the species? It is rather unusual in that it doesn’t have the typical pepper-pot top. Apparently, the seeds remain within the capsule and it is a species that is collected as a source for poppy seed in cooking. I was told its name, but I didn’t make a note of it.

8 thoughts on “A new botanical art video: How to draw a Poppy seedcase in graphite

  1. Loved your demo, I love doing pencil drawings use to do a lot of them! By the way do you have any spaces left on course at end of November, feel like doing some painting now winter has come. Please let me know and I will see if I can get a BB somewhere Best wishes to you both. Sarah

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    1. Hei Sarah, you have got the last place! Although the workshop is called Autumn Colours,one other person is concentrating on graphite, so you are welcome to if you really want to.

  2. What exciting news when will the course be up and running? Have been doing some graphite to try and hone my drawing skills! Find the faber castell clutch pencils lovely to use alongside the wood case caran dache. How about Papaver Treasure Chest too obscure, oh we’ll never mind! Best wishes as always

    1. Hei Joan, thank you for the suggestion of a title. That could be interesting, but do you know the make of poppy by any chance? Regarding the online botanical art course, watch this space!

  3. Hello Tonight I will show this to my students 🙂 My drawing class for beginners in drawing. some of them are very interested in your course. Have a nice evening All the best to you and Robin Tone

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