Pen & Ink workshop starting on Thursday

On Thursday this week I will be having a workshop using Pen & ink.

Following the Sarah Simblet workshop in July, my students asked me to show them her technique. Obviously, although I studied Sarah’s technique, I use it in my way.

Going on a workshop doesn’t mean that you have to incorporate the teacher’s technique 100% when you finish the course, but that you use what you have learnt and incorporate some of it into your own way of working. That is why no botanical art teacher is absolutely right or absolutely wrong. We are all different and emphasise different aspects in our work.

I advise students who come to me, to also learn what they can from other teachers too, so that they can develop their own style, using elements from all they learn.

Anyway, on Thursday and Friday I will be having several students who want to learn a pen & ink technique that is not dots.

During the last few weeks I have done a series of step-by-step pictures and these should give a better idea of what is needed at each stage of the picture. I realise that without further instruction these pictures will not make full sense. But, the last picture is the completed one.




A drying Hydrangea.

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