I forgot to give YouTube link in my last blog!

Do read my last blog in conjunction with this one. I posted it a few hours ago, but forgot to give the link to the YouTube video! How absent-minded can I get? My excuse is that I was called up to the house from the shed at the bottom of the garden.

Although my husband says he always adds a few minutes to things when I am needed for something or other, I still felt the pressure and rushed without checking properly. I just wanted to get the blog posted. More haste less speed.

The link to the new YouTube video is here: How to paint Shallots in watercolour – part 1

Again, this is the picture that is being painted.


The Botanical art workshop in April, Botanical Drawing and shading in graphite is 8-9 April.

Link to the Workshop page: Gaynor’s Flora workshops

Bearded Iris

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