Botanical art Autumn colour workshop had Autumn colours

Isn’t it amazing what several people can do to make a botanical art workshop happen! I was worried as to whether the workshop would live up to its title as just about everything had fallen off the trees. Winter had come further than I thought it would.

But, everyone kept their eyes peeled and the majority came with subjects to paint themselves, or share with others. Wonderful.

About half of the students had been to one of my workshops before and the other half were new to me. I’m glad to say that the new students had been tempted to try by others recommendations. It was a lovely group of people and we kept the bitter cold out.

Firstly the group:

Searching for subjects?

Hunting for subjects?
Hunting for subjects?














You have to agree that although it was cold outside, the inside was full of warmth.

Don’t forget the Bosham Christmas Craft Trail next Friday, Saturday and Sunday. You will be very welcome.

4 thoughts on “Botanical art Autumn colour workshop had Autumn colours

  1. Such beautiful work! Often the autumnal things are more interesting — the is something wistful about the turning leaves and flowers past their prime.

  2. Thank you so much for another great w/e painting , I wish life was not so hectic and could get down to all your work shops, but will try and join up with Thawda in London, Will speak in New Year a very Happy Christmas to you both S x

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    1. Thank you Sarah. I’m glad that you will be joining Thawda’s group in London so that you get to paint regularly. I’m sure you will enjoy it. See you again in the New Year. Happy Christmas to you too.

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