Disaster! What a terrible Day!!!

This is a Short blog. I have a list of things to do that I need to get done today. It was going to be a late night and I was prepared for it.

The blog I wrote didn’t go straightforwardly as for some reason with this new Mac program with photos in the cloud, I can’t download them straight to my blog unless I do it on my iPad! It took ages to work out and then everything else started going pear-shaped.

I was printing for the Garden Show at Stansted this weekend and ran out of ink. It is the very special ink used in Giclee prints that is archival. I had to refill the printer. The desk was cluttered as I didn’t have time to clear it in between jobs ( several jobs at once you understand). The ink was on the table, I dropped paper, applicators etc,etc. but then got it done.

I settled down to carry on and looked up at my last masterpiece. It was called 52 shades of grey: Bearded Iris. It is now called 52 shades of grey and one of Vivid Magenta.




I had scanned it, so you might see it sort of – if I can stop feeling so devastated.

What about my list? Not even a fifth of the way through.

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