Rory McEwen and my pineapple.

There is nothing to connect Rory McEwen and my pineapple – other than botanical art.

But I am dead chuffed and sad at the same time. I watched the programme on BBC today about Rory McEwen and felt so sad that such a gifted person died so young and in such a manner. I so wish I had been around when he was doing his wonderful paintings.

When I was at the Hunt Institute in Pittsburg two years ago, I had to pinch myself that because my work was accepted in the Hunt, and while there I was allowed to see whatever works that they had in their collection. I wanted to see Rory McEwen’s work and saw it in the ‘flesh’ without being protected by glass. It was amazing.

Four minutes after the end of the Rory McEwen programme today I got an email from the Hunt to tell me that I had been gifted a piece of Rory McEwen vellum. When he died, his vellum was given to the Hunt Institute and pieces have been gifted to botanical artists over the years. Now I am one of them. I can’t believe it.

Painting on vellum is hugely different to painting on paper. I will have to think of something really special to paint on it in due course.

But my pineapple. More pictures.





14 thoughts on “Rory McEwen and my pineapple.

  1. Congratulations on the vellum. Be sure to paint on it – so many people just save theirs (for what, I don’t know). I can’t wait to see what you do with it.


    1. Hei Denise, I remember you telling me that some people just save their vellum and I will make sure I paint on it. I remember in particular that beautiful cherry of yours.

  2. What a privelige, Gaynor, but. Eyr well deserved. Congratulations! I enjoyed the programme too this evening. Like you say,so sad and such a loss to the world at such an early age. Love the pineapple.

  3. Great programme knew nothing about the Jools Holland connection. The vellum! How wonderful, you must be so excited and can’t wait to see what you use it for.

  4. That is exciting news! While I have never worked on it myself, I know of artist who use it and create beautiful work. Very luminous. (It is funny, but I have just finished my blog post about an exhibition where 2 of the artists painted on vellum!)

  5. I felt an overwhelming sadness that Rory’s life had to end that way and for his family. I thought the programme was very good and his paintings lost nothing in the filming. They were just as stunning as in the book. You must be delighted to receive a piece of the vellum.

    1. Hei Chris, isn’t it funny that such a lovely acknowledgment of the man and his work left us with this feeling of sadness? It did give more of him as a person than the book did. It was really strange getting that email literally within minutes of the programme finishing. I am delighted about the vellum, but there is also a responsibility with it.

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