Completion of a good workshop

For the last two days I have been running a workshop with the title of Spring Bulbs. I have already commented how out of place that title was. However, it was still a good group who found suitable botanical subjects to paint.

The coloured pencil artists outnumbered the watercolour ones, but I was very grateful for being able to use my brushes having concentrated so much on coloured pencils recently.

As a group we had great fun. Everyone got on well together and were encouraging to each other. We had plenty of lovely weather, warm and sunny. But, the sun moves and the warmth affects the plants!!

Aren’t we hopeless, we want the sun – to stand still and in the right place; we want the warmth – at just the right time and the right temperature; we want to paint living plants – that act dead, but look alive!! We are impossible beings.

This is the lovely group.



Now the results. These came from people who hadn’t before, through to those with good experience. I am very pleased with the results . Thank you to everyone who allowed me to show their work. By the way. Notice that one of the pictures is actually done twice. The artist did it first, then decided to do it again incorporating what she had learnt. She (and I) were well pleased.









The next workshop will be Thursday 29 – Saturday 31 May. Have a look on, on the Tuition page. I hope to see you here in Bosham then.


2 thoughts on “Completion of a good workshop

    1. Hei Anne, I thought they were good too. In fact I was so surprised that such good results were obtained after only two days. One person hadn’t even painted before! Anyway they were a lovely group.
      Have a lovely Easter too. I am hoping to catch up, so with any luck it will be nice and quiet and relaxing.

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