Silver Gilt and black eye!

Sorry about the delay in letting you know at least my results.

I fell head first downstairs on my way into breakfast this morning. Ambulance called, hospital visit and several XRays later I’m back in the RHS halls feeling sorry for myself. But ver lucky as nothing broken. But can’t see properly as no glasses.

Anyway, I am pleased to say that I have crept up one step on the ladder towards Gold, an am told that I only just missed it.


14 thoughts on “Silver Gilt and black eye!

  1. I hope you heal quickly. Glad it wasn’t worse!
    Congratulations on the Silver Gilt!!!

    1. Thank you Denise. I’m glad it wasn’t worse either, but it looks as though it will be a magnificent colour.

      Regarding the award, it’s one better than last time, so it means that I (we) have to have another go for the Gold. I’m trying to convince Jane too.

  2. So sorry to hear about the fall, thank goodness you weren’t more badly hurt.
    Congratulations on Silver Gilt, wonderful achievement!
    Thank you for all the updates, look forward to more of your journey

    1. Thank you Vicki. I’m afraid I had less in my head than I thought,falling like that. Well now I have even less. At least silver Gilt is one up from silver and I just need to make the last step for the Gold. Next time! I’m glad you have enjoyed the updates.

    1. Thank you Elizabeth. The feedback I got was exactly in relation to the things I commented to you, so there were no surprises. Thank you for being my sounding board. I went much further than 20 rounds. And to cap it all, several hotel guests climbed over me whilst I was lying down the stairs! People!,

  3. Gaynor – huge congratulations on your wonderful achievement – feeling so proud of you! But so very sorry about your “mishap”. Thank goodness you are still in one piece. So looking forward to seeing you and your beautiful work tomorrow. Special love – Jane and John xx

  4. Silver gilt — wonderful! Black eye — not so good. But it will certainly be a show that you remember! Do the judges give you their feedback?

    1. Hei Anne. I agree black eye not so good. It will be the whole of the right side of my face! This morning you can see where it has spread in the tissues, but the colour will be more diffuse further out.

      Yes I got feedback which was very relevant. All except for one thing I was aware of and I had mentioned that there was one in particular that I felt was the worst. One of my pictures had a noticeable ‘hole’ (a space) in the middle. I had done all the apples one year, including the dissection, and changed my mind about the flower group I put in last – thus a gap. On another picture I had combined two branches of apples and I painted what I saw, forgetting that you can’t change the way they hang on the tree. A couple of apples weren’t hanging in the right angle. The last thing, was news to me. The botanists didn’t like that I had drawn the scale at an angle on a couple of occasions. It needed to be horizontal or vertical.

      Otherwise, they loved the painting and thought it was well done. They didn’t realise until giving me the feedback and awards already made, that it was coloured pencil. She seemed astonished! Apparently because of the botony blunders, it meant I just missed out on the gold.

      It gives me the opportunity to go through the pleasure and nightmare again – but not falling downstairs!

      1. Wow, this judging was not a cursory glance at your work! It sounds like you were so close to gold, and that must give you encouragement for next time — after a well deserved break though! I find it interesting that the judges didn’t pick up on your medium. Your technique must be beautifully smooth. Again, well done!

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