4 days until the set-up for the RHS botanical art exhibition.

I am having kittens! I have changed the plot again.

I spent yesterday afternoon and evening and this morning going in one direction with the information sheets. Now I have changed the whole idea of what I want to do. I think I am going nuts and I’m afraid I won’t get it done.

I suddenly thought that I needed to get the order of pictures sorted out before I did anything else. I took a video of the setup but it won’t download into WordPress and I can’t take the time to find out how to do it at the moment. But when it is set up in the Lindley Hall in London on Wednesday I will take some pictures for you.

I have done some of the laundry as I said I would do, but once I got it on the line it started raining. One thing after the other.

I went to pick up some exhibiting materials for the open studios we are having at the beginning of May. But that is another story.

Today I am going to show Malus x atrosaguinea ‘Gorgeous’. Remember the series is all coloured pencil. It is a really beautiful apple and quite a small tree, but the crab apples are quite large. This is the flower to start off with.


2 thoughts on “4 days until the set-up for the RHS botanical art exhibition.

  1. Take some deep breaths, Gaynor. 🙂 it will all come together. Your art work is wonderful enough to carry off any other thing that might not be quite perfect.

    1. Hei Anne, you are very supportive. I made the mistake, or perhaps it was fortunate, in looking at all the photos we took the last time I did it in 2011. This is much worse as I know more about what I am meant to do. But looking at them was the reason for changing the plot completely today- yesterday. When I looked at a couple of the exhibits I felt that mine didn’t have quite the wow effect that theirs had. The trouble is that mine are so much more into the detail because of the illustrative side of it – the dissections. But this time I know that the actual work I have done is much better. It depends upon what the judges see and look for.

      I suppose we always look at our own work and because we know it so intimately, we can’t see past that.

      Thank you though for your kind words. It helps.

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