Finishing off Hellebores for 2014

I have talked about Hellebores for such a long time this year as they started off flowering early and I was afraid there wouldn’t be much left by the time the workshop came about. Well as you know, they are still strutting manfully in the garden – even with all this rain.

Before I started painting botanically, I never thought that the winter could produce so much beauty. Now I emphasise these magnificent blooms in the garden.

Before going back to talking about the RHS exhibition and how that is going, and the subject of the next workshop, I thought I would include a few of the Hellebores that I have done. There is only one this year, but as you may now know (for those who follow the blog), some of my pictures can take several weeks to do.





6 thoughts on “Finishing off Hellebores for 2014

    1. Thank you for commenting. We have so many variations in the garden and it us so apt when I was told that they are very permiscuous! I bear this in mind if I am planting a specific colour that I want to maintain and try to plant it not too near other varieties. They generally get their wicked way though.

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