Back home in the UK

Since 07:00 US time yesterday, I have had a one hour sort of snooze. This happened on the train between Gatwick and our home. I am wide awake – but not too clear in my thoughts.

The flight from Boston to Dublin, a two – hour wait for our flight to Gatwick, was filled with a solid breakfast and we arrived home about 10:00 our time. The sun was shining, it was fairly warm and good drying weather for washed holiday clothes.

The biggest thing we came home to, were the colours. GREEN. Thick green grass, heavily leafed green trees and masses of foliage still hanging, everywhere. There are still some roses in the garden. I took photos of the roses, pink and white cyclamen, fuchsia, two globe artichokes, geraniums and lots of other things.

The cats were glad to see us and have followed us everywhere. They had been well looked after.

Once returning home I took a lot of green pictures to show you the difference between where we have been in America, to here in the UK. However, I still find it difficult to comprehend the impact the Gulf Stream has on our weather although we are much further north than where we have been of late.

Although I have taken a lot of green pictures, I will show you the pictures my husband took when we took our cats for a walk along the shoreline. They love this trip with us. I am not showing you the cats, but the colour of the sunset. Orange, as though the sky were full of fall leaves from the Adirondack, Vermont, and New Hampshire.

This is the end of our holiday. Tomorrow we are back to normal. Thank you to all those who have helped to make our trip to the Hunt Institute of Botanical Documentation in Pittsburgh and holiday before and after, so memorable.


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