Sunday in the US

Writing this I feel very tired. I think the jet lag is catching up with me.

I woke up about 11:00 UK time – which was about 04:00 here, but got up a couple of hours later. There were dark thundery clouds outside and as I went to take picture, lightening flashed across the sky. What a welcome.


We went to church in New Bedford, then returned home for a pancake breakfast. Delicious! Whilst the weather began to clear, we went around our host’a garden which is incredibly well arranged. It goes right down to the sea where two Plovers were taking their Sunday morning stroll.

After lunch our hosts had planned a trip to Rhode Island to visit the lovely Blithe wold mansion and gardens. It is a lovely garden and this is worthwhile visit. Unfortunately we could only spend a short time as some friends had been invited to summer.

The evening was very interesting and the time went too quickly discussing the BlythWold garden.



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