Arrival in USA today (or yesterday)

What an eventful day, it is now 23:24 USA time and 04:24 UK time.

We got up early, took an early train to Gatwick because of work on the line, then sat on the plane for over an hour because of IT problems in Ireland. We thought we would miss the connection in Dublin, but after running through immigration with another couple, we just got to the delayed connection in time.

Once we arrived in Boston, we hired a car and drove down to our friends in Mattapoisett. They live on the waters edge, but unfortunately we will have to wait until the morning to actually see the area.

We have been made most welcome, were fed and watered deliciously when a suggestion was made to go swimming before we went to bed. They have a pool , but I had not come prepared – no costume! That didn’t matter. Lights were turned off and we had a refreshing (grhhhhh) swim. Once I the wimp got in, it was fantastic and the water was perfect.

I will now sleep well.

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