Visit me during the Chichester Art Trail

Over the next two weekends I am taking part in the Chichester Open studios event.

Our conservatory will be ably manned by Robin and he is looking forward to see people arriving to look at my botanical art which is hung there for the occasion. Whether or not the weather remains cold, you will be welcome to have a cup of tea – or coffee with us.

However, I will be down in the shed painting. Some people have watched the development of the Indian corn picture, which has only been done at open studio events or exhibitions. One of these days I will have to find a subject that is equally long lasting. But I know that several people have been coming on a regular basis to see the development of this picture. This is what it looked like following a demonstration in November last year.

Indian Corn in coloured pencil
Indian Corn in coloured pencil

Additionally I am also painting a Fritillary for a commission, so you might very well see me doing some of that. These are some of the sketches in my sketchbook .

Fritillaria meleagris in coloured pencil.
Fritillaria meleagris in coloured pencil.

The commission is in watercolour.

I am looking forward to seeing you here. Don’t forget to tell me who you are and where you come from. Here is the link on my website giving you the address to head for:

New YouTube video for Online Botanical art course

I have been working on the coloured pencil section of the online botanical art course, ready for when those who have signed up for the course reach the fourth module when colour is introduced.

The course is for people who want to develop their botanical art skills in either watercolour or coloured pencil. The choice needs to be made before they reach the fourth module.

So far, quite a few people have signed up for and are doing the course. The feedback has been positive as students are gradually introduced to the various topics important within botanical art.

I will be taking on board the next intake of students from 1 May. If you want to be included to start then, you need to sign up as soon as possible as I do restrict the number of students I take on each month. Details are on:

In the meantime have a look at the video. It is a very speeded up version of the one that will be available on the course. This means that you can see the progression of the painting in coloured pencil, but the detail will only be seen on the online course version. Pink Tulip in coloured pencil – from 7 hours to 2.5 minutes.

Pink tulip CP flower fast



Teaching botanical art

It is now getting towards the busiest part of the year for any botanical artist living in the northern hemisphere. Spring is well on the way and all sorts of flowers are popping up in the garden. There are lots of exhibitions and shows going on or being planned. For me, there has been an even greater focus on teaching.

I was thrilled to be asked by the American Society of Botanical artists to teach at their annual conference in October, which this year is back in Pittsburgh. Of course I said yes and I will be teaching coloured pencil. Additionally I will be doing some demonstrations at the conference, and hopefully attending a workshop or two myself. Learning is never-ending – thank goodness.

The response to the launch of my online botanical art course has been tremendous. I already had people who were trying out the course for me and ironing out problems (which always arise) and they were very positive. There was also a waiting list which in the end I considered my February quota of new students. I am delighted that I have already had positive feedback from some of the newer students too.

I have to carefully work out how many students I can manage at any one time. I want them all to get the feedback they need while leaving me time to paint.

Once I pressed the ‘go’ button to publish the course, the first person signed up literally a couple of minutes later!

I am now taking bookings for people to start at the beginning of May, so if you want to start then, do get in touch soon.

I will be having a workshop in using graphite for botanical art at the end of this week and the workshop after that will be 13-15 May when the subject will be ‘The delicacy of spring blossom – or proud Irises’. There are still places available for that workshop.

Prior to that I am taking part in the Chichester Open studios event over the first two weekends in May. The organisers have arranged a pre-trail exhibition at the Oxmarket Centre of Arts 12-24 April. I will post reminders of these events as they arise.

But in the meantime:

Online Botanical art course, signing up for May – your home.

8-9 April   ‘Botanical drawing and shading in graphite’ – workshop in Bosham

12-24 April   ‘The Chichester Pre-trail exhibition’ at the Oxmarket

30 April – 2 May & 7-8 May  ‘ Chichester Open studios art trail’

4 – 5 May  ‘Spring – The Soft & Structural in Watercolour or Coloured Pencil’ – Goodnestone Park Gardens, Kent with Fieldbreaks.

13 -15 May ‘The delicacy of spring blossom – or proud irises’ workshop in Bosham

24 June – 1 July ‘Norwegian workshop holiday’ – Åsgårdstrand, Norway

If you want to know anything about any of the above, do get in touch via the contact form at the end of this blog.

Light against dark - Snowdrop protected by Hellebores. Coloured pencil.
Light against dark – Snowdrop protected by Hellebores. Coloured pencil.