My garden challenge; all the plants I want to paint – today!

Anyone following my blog will see that I have posted three pages which are new, into my Portfolio. They are not blog posts. The reason for this is that my daughter in Norway convinced me that I could really improve my website I was having problems with the platform I was using for the website and it wasn’t easy to make any changes to it. She felt that I could turn my Blog into my website – with her help.

Well, in the last few days you will have seen the changes she has made using the basic WordPress platform. My daughter changed my old website to point to WordPress (she is into all of this stuff!), changed the template and I believe she has made it look stunning. By the way, she and my son convinced me to design the logo about a year ago. That was a difficult period before they thought the suggestions I made were good enough!

Now a lot is up to me to populate the pages she has created, so that now I am uploading a lot of my paintings (not all of them), onto the Portfolio page of the website. This will obviously take time as I want to do justice to my daughter who has spent so much time on it. Depending upon how this all works I will most likely upgrade my WordPress account, but I don’t think that will affect the address that is now shown.

Speaking of which – I have noticed that some people who have links to my old website might also have an additional pointer in that address. Unfortunately, this means that in some instances they get a message saying there is nothing there. If you make sure that your links are pointing to – without any additions to the address, there shouldn’t be any problem and it should be easy to navigate to the page you want from the menu.

Yesterday and today I took a load of pictures in the garden. It has been a very mild winter and quite a bit arrived very early, other plants didn’t do their normal winter thing – like the everlasting spinach! If anyone can tell me the name of the small Japanese flowering cherry in one of the pictures, I would be most grateful. I seem to remember it started with a ‘K’, but I have lost the label.

When looking at the pictures, imagine the birdsong; several black birds, a Song Thrush, Robins, Tits – bearded and otherwise, Chaffinches and Goldfinch etc. An amazing musical background to these lovely plants.

When I have sent this off, I have to do some gardening (weeding), and mark some LAC assignments that are mounting up over Easter. Then maybe I will be able to get back to the painting.

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