Winter prep trip to Norway

In case anyone thinks I have forgotten all about the important subject of Botanical Art – I haven’t!

But, for the last few days Robin and I have been in Norway preparing for the botanical art course there 28 June until 5 July. But at the moment it is deliciously cold there.

We have been checking a few things out, buying more wool for yet another Norwegian jumper and stripping some beautiful old stairs.

My daughter has a house in Tønsberg, a few kilometers down the coast from Åsgårdstrand. Her stairs have a very lovely shape to them which is identical to ones in the house where she grew up. In those days I stripped, sanded and varnished those stairs to bring forth their natural beauty. She wanted to do the same thing with her own stairs and we agreed to help her. We got as far as stripping!

Yesterday we took the day off and went for a drive to The End of the World. Verdens Ende. This is a beautiful NAtional Park area on the southern tip of an island called Tjøme. If you want to look at a map, find Tønsberg, follow a few kilometres south onto an island called Nøtterøy, And the main road leads to Tjøme and the Verdens Ende.

The pictures are from that area before the snow came. That arrived as we left Norway today.





To finish off that lovely day, cards on a soft surface!


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