Palmengarten exhibition – last Monday

Helleboris Niger - 'Twilight Hellebores'. Acrylic on Canvas. 100 x 80 cm. Sarah Caswell
Helleboris Niger – ‘Twilight Hellebores’. Acrylic on Canvas. 100 x 80 cm. Sarah Caswell

As usual, Monday is Sue Henon’s one day off from the botanical exhibition in Palmengarten. Early this morning she called me to let me know how the past week had been. She had been very busy during the week and had many late evenings at the exhibition, meaning she was quite late home.

The first bit of news was that there were now 34 red dots on the pictures. Sue has noticed that quite a few people have made repeated visits to the exhibition and were very interested in this ‘new’ subject; botanical art.

The second bit of news was that the people’s choice picture is one by Sarah Caswell. Sarah has painted the picture of Hellebores in Acrylic on canvas.


I am back to chasing my tail. In between emails about picture collection once the exhibition is finished and pictures being returned to the UK, I am trying to get my own paperwork done so that I can paint again!

More Palmengarten pics. If you have followed this blog from our journey to Frankfurt and setting up of the exhibition, you will have seen all the pictures being exhibited by the end of this blog. However, I will post a few of the pictures individually during this coming week, in addition to anything else I might be doing.

Artwork by Bridgette James.

Artwork by Kate Green and Sarah Caswell

This is a reminder about those who are running the exhibition in Frankfurt. Karin Wittstock from The Botanical Gardens, Palmengarten and Sue Henon SBA. Both sitting with Robin before we left Frankfurt to return home.


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