4th day Botanical art workshop holiday by Oslo Fjord

Again a lovely busy day with some really good results. Practice certainly makes perfect. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of some of the finished paintings today, but promise to do so tomorrow. But I am very thrilled with some of the results so far.

I have promised the others on the workshop holiday to tell you and show you a little of how the Thon Hotel Åsgårdstrand is looking after us. They have been absolutely marvellous and do everything they can to make our stay as comfortable and worthwhile as possible.

You have already seen the room that we are using as a studio, with its view facing east over the Oslo Fjord. You have also seen some of the pictures taken from my room and possibly realise how early the sun is up. The hotel is even making sure that our plants don’t suffer with the early morning sun and warmth, by closing blinds etc. for us.

The food has been amazing and they have even catered at extremely short notice for people with a combination of allergies and still made them feel excited about the flavours in the food they were getting.

There is quite a choice of food right from breakfast through to supper and they make a point of normalising gluten and lactose intolerance as a minimum.

These are pictures of just one coffee break!






When the coffee arrives, the room empties very quickly!

This afternoon we went to a Viking House museum not too far away and got a different perspective on how the Vikings lived and were appreciated.

When we got back, we still were served our tea! and in the same style as these pictures. A choice of a very healthy or a very unhealthy snack – or a combination.

Getting back from a light evening walk with my visiting family at 24:00, I took this at 01:00.


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