2nd day botanical art workshop holiday by the Oslo Fjord

Something must be going right as they are already talking about ‘next time’.

Now I’m not sure if they are saying this only because Norway is so beautiful, or if it is because it is a good workshop! They (and I) do love the food.

What I will say is that it is very difficult getting everyone on time to meals during the day, or keeping up their fluid levels with the lovely fresh water readily available. But, we are having a lot of fun and being extremely well looked after by the Hotel.

This holiday is giving the less practised of us, more time to practice painting botanical art. It is also giving the opportunity to paint plants they haven’t painted before. Tomorrow I must take some pictures of some of what has been achieved so far. But in the meantime, some more pictures from today.

The first picture was taken from my bedroom window at 00:30 this morning.





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