Tuesday on the way to Pittsburgh

We were so sorry to leave our lovely hosts near New Bedford. They have been so generous in inviting us to stay and then to show us round. We will miss them.

We started out on our long drive to Pittsburgh when the sun was shining again from a crystal clear blue sky. It was very chilly, but felt beautifully fresh. The trees obviously felt the same. They had changed noticeably from the previous day. We had noticed patches of gold and rich red appearing, but today some of the trees appeared to be on fire. So beautiful.

We travelled along the coast for quite a while before turning away to avoid New York. I’m sorry, Americans who read this blog, but I’m not very much of a city girl and you have so much to see in your huge country. We didn’t really want to spend all the time looking at your fantastic architecture, museums and art galleries. Hopefully, we will have the rest of our lives to get a bit in here and there. This time it is to be Pittsburgh and your beautiful changing season.

Our journey departed the coast at Newhaven and we drove up to join the 84. That was a really beautiful run along the banks of a river. It made such a change to the a Freeway. But once we got back onto the 84 we stayed on it (except for one or two stops) until we got to Scranton. We crossed well known rivers with names such as the Falls River, the Hudson and the Delaware. To me just those names sound exciting.

All the time we were seeing broad vistas of forest, hills, mountains and ever changing colours. In some areas the reds were so intense. One tree I saw looked as though the sun was emerging from the tree itself. Just the flash of it as we passed gave me the impression of lime green leaves at its centre, changing to gold and bright red to towards its extremities. Amazing.

The temperature was crisp a lot of the way, but during the afternoon it warmed up a little.

Once we reached Scranton we decided to go ‘off list’ again, this time following the 11 down. Sorry, I realise I haven’t said whether the roads are interstate or what they are. I have just map read numbers – note, we aren’t using SatNav! This road brought us down different types of town, suburb and country road. It was quite interesting. But by now we were gently looking for somewhere to stay. We eventually found it just outside Bloomsburg. We arrived in time for supper, but my poor husband is now exhaustingly fast asleep in bed. He has driven all the way and is now out like a light. I hope he won’t be too exhausted to enjoy his freedom in Pittsburgh whilst I am otherwise engaged.

I hope that I have taken a few good enough pictures with my iPad to add to this blog.



Although nice pictures, I’m afraid they don’t quite convey what we saw. Hopefully once I am able to download pictures from my camera, these will be better.

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