Prep Thursday before travelling to Pittsburgh

Today has been very busy. We have been trying to get things sorted and finished ready for leaving the day after tomorrow.

My husband has been very busy with something called ‘The Gift’. It is like an art trail, but goes from church to church locally. Practising Christians who feel that they have a God given gift in relation to their art, take part. I have previously done this, but I’m afraid that this time the trip to the States has rather got in the way. It is normally very good with a lot of interesting artwork . Our church in Bosham normally gets a lot of visitors as tourists want to see the church mentioned in the Bayeux Tapestry, so this also helps the artists showing their work.

We have exceptionally lovely neighbours. Today, whilst shopping for her supper, she suddenly thought we might not take the time out to eat properly today, so sorted it for us too (not without ringing me from the shop when the thought struck). How many people have such thoughtful friends?

The pen & ink picture. I had an extremely tight deadline in that it had to be finished before we go on Saturday. It is now finished and in a mount ready to go. But you can have a brief look at it now. I hope you like it?


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