Prep Tuesday before travel to Pittsburgh

I had my normal botanical art class this morning, although it was rather slimmed down. One person was moving house, another had swapped dates and another was on holiday. But then I will be on holiday next week too.

After the class finished I did a whole lot of sorting in preparation for Saturday, after which I cut a small Oak branch with large Acorns. I decided to take a break from the crabapples in coloured pencil and practice the pen and ink technique learnt on the Sarah Simblet course. So far not so good as the ink I had was not very good quality. Mind you, bad workmen blame their tools!

Here is a picture of the actual oak branch. If the small painting works out, I will post this at a later date.


This evening we had bible study so we now have a good basis for taking our break in America.

This is the Oak branch so far! Comments please.


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