The Tigger cards arrived with their rightful owner.

Surprisingly, my daughter already has got the cards I sent to her of Tigger. She will have to wait to get the original until we see her at Christmas. She has done exactly what she wanted to do initially and that is to give a picture of Tigger to the Vet in Tønsberg as a thank you for saving him this autumn. Tønsberg, by the way, is in Norway and not far from Åsgårdstrand where we have the summer botanical art workshop holiday.

Back to the vet and Tigger, apparently he was so ill, that they downed tools and concentrated on him, also giving my daughter additional help when she was unable to get medication into him. When he eventually recovered, he actually walked home by the side of her – and he doesn’t like going out!

Helen has just sent this picture as she is about to post the card. Now you can guess that it is written in Norwegian, therefore most will not understand what it says. I just thought it looked rather sweet with Tigger seemingly peeping round the edge of of the card.

Tigger again

A non-botanical watercolour

I have finished the ‘quick’ watercolour for my daughter – her beautiful Russian Blue cat named ‘Tigger’. I think the original picture is better than this one, although I have spent all day on Photoshop adjusting colours and making one or two cards that will be in the post tomorrow!

In the meantime, please enjoy the scaled down version.


Now, having used my brushes a little, I am returning to writing the online botanical art course I am in the process of developing. But whilst on the subject of botanical art tuition, I have vacancies on my workshop 29-30 January; Textures: Bark and Moss. Do get in touch, all the details and booking form are on the Workshops page, under Tuition.