5th day botanical art workshop holiday by Oslo Fjord.

If I start writing a little bit weirdly, it’s because I gave fallen asleep writing this. Today I am tired, but not because of the course itself.

We have had another super day in the Thon Hotel, Åsgårdstrand. Even the well travelled amongst us feel that the hotel is really looking after us well.

This care and attention to detail by the hotel, has meant that we can immerse ourselves in botanical painting. Everyone has worked hard to perfect their individual techniques – and it’s paying off.

The afternoons are meant to be used on doing what we want to do as this is a holiday. However, except for short excursions, the majority have just wanted to work. I have taught and given individual attention in the morning and in the afternoon I am with them in the studio, but can give them help and advice when it’s asked for. In the meantime I paint only in the afternoons And evenings.ikpj

I have been painting a plant that we begged and borrowed in Åsgårdstrand, on the condition that I sent a card of the finished painting. I have been working to achieve this before it dies. The plant is a Cornus and I carried on after supper this evening and until midnight.

Anyway the pictures. I hope you will agree that the improvement is very good.










3rd Day Botanical art workshop holiday by the Oslo Fjord

Everyone is getting into the thick of their botanical art pictures. Some have chosen quite small plants which is quite difficult to do. Others are learning new techniques and have been so patient in practising them.

It isn’t often that one gets a whole week to go into such detail and I am very pleased to see such improvement. Some have practiced getting smooth washes, others intricate detail and some have not done botanical art before. I think and hope they might have become smitten.

Today the sun was shining all day and those new to Norway understood about the very special clear light here. Both sea and sky seem extra blue and nature in general seems more sparkling than we are used to in the UK at least.

This afternoon we visited a lady’s garden. We had seen some lovely and unusual specimens in her garden and one student was brave enough to ask to visit her. The lady had a beautiful pink Cornus (Dogwood) in her garden. She promptly cut off a piece and kindly gave it to us to paint.