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  1. Hi! I just noticed your Painting Holiday course in Åsgårdstrand. Do you have such course in Stavanger (or nearby) as well? I would love to participate but cannot at that time
    Best regards
    Inger Andrea Olsen

    1. Hei Inger, I’ll reply in English as that is the language in which you wrote to me. I haven’t any workshop planned in Stavanger at the moment, but if there are several of you interested, I would be willing to come there and teach. Jeg bodde i Stavanger for 15 av de 25 år jeg levde i Norge! Vennlig hilsen, Gaynor

  2. Hi I’m a big fan of your work, i was wondering what watercolour brand you prefer and think is best to paint with?I’ve also wondered why botanical artists use watercolour and not acrylic is there a specific reason? thanks :)

    1. Hei Leah, thank you for commenting on my work so positively.

      Firstly about why botanical artists are more likely to use watercolour than acrylic. I can of course only answer for myself. I know that with the combination of perhaps acrylic inks and acrylic paints I might be likely to be able to paint delicate detail, but for me I feel acrylics might be too heavy looking although I know acrylics are vibrant colours. Perhaps it is my lack of skill with the medium.

      I know that when painting something where I need something very white, the White of the paper is the best white – if you have to use white paint, the White becomes dulled. If I painted with acrylic I would have to use white as I understand the whole surface is covered with paint.

      Wherever possible I try to use watercolour paints that are transparent and rarely opaque. This keeps the colours I choose, more vibrant.

      There are quite a few flower painters who use acrylics and some also also use body colour, but there are fewer who use this medium for pure botanical art and illustration.

      I also use coloured pencils as they are translucent and again one uses the White of the paper as the whitest are.

      The watercolours that I have in my palette are mostly Winsor & Newton, although I have one Maimeri – Cyan. It is the same phthalocyanine pigment as W&N Winsor blue green shade, but not quite so strong and therefore very useful to me. I also have one Sennelier colour, several Daniel Smith and one or two Schmincke.

      I hope this answers your question.

  3. You show photos of your classes. Every one had a orange holder they put there sketch book on to draw. What are these called and where are they available to purchases? GAil

    1. Hei Gail, they are from Ikea. I think they are really intended for having a laptop on your lap, but are really useful in a class situation as they take up little room and are at a good angle for smallish artwork.

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