“Small is beautiful”; A series of crab apples.

Just outside my front door there is a beautiful little crab apple tree – the Malus ‘Gorgeous’. Every year it went through different phases, one more beautiful than the last. The apples on the tree at the end of the season were like miniature red apples, each one perfectly formed. They also tasted unusually sweet for crab apples, that normally have a reputation of being very sour.

This crab apple tree was the first of seven that we eventually got for the garden, six of which became subjects for this series of paintings. I painted the series in coloured pencil for the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) exhibition in April 2014. This time I won a Silver Gilt medal.

But why did I use coloured pencil for a series of Botanical illustrations needing very detailed  work? It was much more normal to use watercolour and graphite pencil for such detailed dissections. I love using coloured pencil and I suppose it was the challenge to show that just as much detail could be done with this medium too.

Click on one of the images to see the picture in detail. NB: Copyright remains with the artist for all pictures displayed.

The series of Malus, crab apple pictures are all available as Archival Gicleé prints in limited editions of 75. To find details of a picture including price within the UK, click the image. There will be a smallP&P addition for delivery outside the UK.

Some of the original pictures are also available.

To own either a print or original picture, do get in touch with me via the Contact Form.

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