Botanical Art in Watercolour

I have used watercolour as a medium for many years. As with many people I was initially attracted to drawing in graphite and didn’t advance into colour until my late twenties. This started with painting on Porcelain, but I felt that the size of the porcelain blanks I used were very limiting; especially as I was painting birds in great detail. I therefore taught myself how to use watercolour, buying the typical ‘teach yourself’ books of the day.

Gradually, I felt that I was getting somewhere, ably guided by the local art shop in Stavanger. I am glad to say that the shop is still there after so many years.

Now, living in the UK, I paint plants in watercolour as well as other media. What an exciting challenge! There is a never-ending supply of different plants, both indigenous and exotic. In addition to observing and examining the plant in detail, I want to learn more about the botany.

Hopefully, my work will excite your curiosity about the plants that I am showing, just as much as it excites mine.

My watercolour technique is very detailed. After so much time spent in examining my subject, I want to make sure that all the interesting details are there to see. This means that I work for the most part with a dry brush technique after the initial wash is laid. It is of course time consuming, but worth it if I feel I have successfully portrayed the plant in all its beauty. And of course there is an added bonus if I can get others ‘hooked’ on this subject.

Click on any of the images to see the picture in more detail. NB: Copyright remains with the artist for all pictures displayed.

All of the Watercolour pictures are available as Archival Gicleé prints. To find details of a picture including price within the UK , click on the image. There will be a small P&P addition for  delivery outside the UK.

Some original pictures are available.

To own a print or enquire if an original picture is still available, please contact me via the Contact Form.

4 thoughts on “Botanical Art in Watercolour

  1. Gaynor, I love your work. I am a newby to botanical art and am doing some independent study and online classes. I was wondering about the spot light on the flowers that I see in your photos of your classes. Where can I find a light like that?
    Thank you,
    Connie Reilly
    Atlanta, GA USA

    1. Hei Connie, I’m glad that you are getting into botanical art – it does have the tendency to grab you. The lamps are LED ones from Ikea. I think I should get a commission from them as so many people have asked. They are very good for planning shadow on a painting, although can be used whenever colour isn’t an issue. Good luck.

      1. You’re very welcome. The workshop this weekend couldn’t have been held if we hadn’t had lamps such as these. The days are getting short now and it meant that everyone could work the whole time. Good luck with finding the lamps.

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