Black and white; Pen and Ink

Not so long ago I avoided pen and ink; it seemed so stark. Maybe it was because I didn’t feel that my ‘dotty’ ink work was regular enough. Then my eyes were opened and I saw the work that Sarah Simblet did. I thought it was amazing and therefore signed up to one of her courses.

I learnt a lot during Sarah’s workshop, but she didn’t concentrate specifically on the technique I wanted to understand. However, Sarah was very kind and showed me what I wanted to know right at the beginning of that week. In reality I got a ‘two for the price of one’ – deal, because during the day I was soaking up all she had to teach me, and at night I was practising with my pen and ink.

My pen and ink work does not compare with Sarah’s, but I took on board what she told me and adapted what I wanted of it to my own style.

Essentially, this is why I have no ‘secrets’ in relation to teaching others. I know full well that everyone on my courses, workshops or reading my blogs, will take on board what they need and absorb it into their own style. No two people will work exactly the same and the results will always be different. Therefore my aim is to encourage more people to learn how to look and ‘see’ and create botanical art.

Each of the pieces of work in this section have a story behind them. One was in asking my husband to buy a ‘simple’ plant for me to portray quickly; he came home with the Curly Chrysanthemum! He said he knew I liked challenges. Another, was the Quercus robur (strong English Oak) for someone coping with a family crisis. We have several hydrangeas in the garden and as they dry they have a fascinating appearance. The Bear’s Britches literally hurt to do its portrait and its a wonder I didn’t get blood on the paper!

Click on any of the images to see the picture in more detail. NB: Copyright remains with the artist for all pictures displayed.

The pictures Pen & Ink are all available as Archival Gicleé prints.  To find details of a picture including price within the UK, click the image. There will be a small P&P addition for delivery outside the UK.

Some of the original pictures are also available.

To own either a print or original picture, do get in touch with me via the Contact Form.

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