2 days until the RHS botanical art exhibition set-up

The day after tomorrow we take the pictures into London to set up for the botanical art exhibition in the Lindley Hall.

Today I moved everything up to the house from the shed. I thought I had done all the printing for labels and information sheet etc., but I made a mess of the first things I did. I had to print the whole lot again.

We had decided to back the labels with foam core as it’s easy to cut. Bad mistake! The edge looked so messy. I therefore had to print again, but this time I backed it with mount-board. I did this in 2011 the last time I exhibited with the RHS. I remembered that cutting small pieces was hard work. It was hard this time too.

Anyway the labels and information board are now done to my satisfaction.

The next thing on the list was mounting some limited edition prints to take with me. I am taking some mounted and some un-mounted but packed in stiffened envelopes. Additionally, I need to pack the unlimited prints of the blossom that I mentioned yesterday.

I think at the moment I am about halfway through these last things. I am hoping to get them done reasonably comfortably tomorrow.

I have a very large table where I normally teach. It is piled high with stuff. Obviously a temptation for the cats, so I have had to cover it all carefully for the night.

What on earth will I have to think about when I have done all I set out to do?

Now to show you the sections and enlarged detail of the parts of the Malus x atrosanguinea ‘ Gorgeous’ blossom in coloured pencil.


8 thoughts on “2 days until the RHS botanical art exhibition set-up

  1. Gaynor – you can buy a special cutter just for foam core. The one I’ve got is red and I got it from Atlantis. It really makes a big difference compared to using a conventional cutter – although I’ve no idea as to why!

    1. Funnily enough, I was looking at some of the lovely foam core edges that I saw there, wondering how on earth they managed that. I will be looking out for one.

    1. Thank you. I will look int it.

      By the way I read your 15 points today. They were really very good and thorough. However, as you took the time to actually show me, I found that extra useful. I hope that when you next see me at the RHS, that you will see that that I have not only listened, but that I have been able to put it into practice too. Thank you again Katherine.

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