Botanical Art holiday in Norway

The Botanical Art holiday workshop in Norway 29 June to 6 July will take place.

The holiday is booked with Thon Hotell, Åsgårdstrand. The studio overlooks the Oslo fjord and plants that are typical for Norway will be the topic.

Already I have bookings from students from different countries, all wanting to experience Norway in the middle of the summer when the weather is usually at its best.

The hotel has been really helpful so far with suggestions and support. The Norwegian Botany Organisation too has been supportive and want to help get the plants for us to draw or paint.

The only two uncertain things at this time are the names of the people who will be attending ( there are still some places available) and the weather. But apart from super accommodation and opportunities to enjoy the best of Norway, there will definitely be good botanical art teaching and good company.

There will be no more than 12 students so that each person gets individual attention at their own level. Although the workshop is still several months away, it is worth booking it as soon as possible to ensure a place.

Look on for more details, links to ‘what to see’ and your booking form.

Thank you to the Thon Hotell, Åsgårdstrand for the picture of their view of the Oslo Fjord.

RHS exhibition: 10 weeks to go!

The weather isn’t getting any easier yet, in fact, today whilst painting in my shed I got quite scared. That is not me! The sun had been shining, but a large cloud was beginning to darken the sky. Suddenly it started blowing so much that the shed was actually shaking. I have never experienced that before. Even the cats sat up and took notice.

I am ploughing on with the pictures for the RHS exhibition in London in April. I now have the Malus Everest picture finished – I think. I have used exactly the same type of dissections for this painting as the other one. You saw the longitudinal section of the last picture. Guess what this is. You know which crab apple this is, so try and see which part it is.

All the pictures are being done in coloured pencil. I had thought to do the dissections in graphite, in the same way as in other illustrative paintings. However, I have chosen to continue them in colour in this series of paintings.



RHS exhibition: twelve weeks to go!

I have my work cut out to get my six pictures ready for the RHS botanical art exhibition during the Orchid show in April.

The series of six crab apple trees is well on the way. The apples are painted in all six pictures. I have done all the sketches and colours for the blossom ( done two years ago); all the sketches for my dissections were done last year; all of the apple dissections are sketched and ready to go. It is now a matter of putting it altogether in the finest detail and with my best techniques.

I have just completed the first picture. It is the Malus ‘ gorgeous’. I will give you a little glimpse at the end, but to see the completed picture I will encourage you to come to the RHS exhibition itself.

I will ask for one bit of help though. I need to include the Latin names for each of my apples and I can’t find all of them. If you know them, please let me know. The pictures will be, M. Gorgeous, M. Golden hornet, M. Evereste, M. Red sentinel, M. Red jade, & M. John Downey.


I’m afraid that this photo is not too brilliant – a little dark. Even more reason to see it in real life. Just pray I get all the pictures finished and retaining a good standard.

First botanical art workshop in 2014, 16-17 January

Happy New year and plenty of botanical art.

I have two workshops in January, in Bosham Nr. Chichester. The first is ‘Colour mixing in Botanical art with Coloured pencil’ and the second is the same theme only using watercolour.

The first workshop is for anyone interested in working with coloured pencil if they already do so, or they would like to learn. Therefore it will be a good one both for new beginners and experienced.

We have all had the same problem now and again haven’t we, that we just can’t mix the right colour ? Well this workshop will be focusing on how to get it right. Getting the right depth of colour with coloured pencil is a matter of mixing the colours optically on the paper. We don’t always have the right colour to hand and, if we did, it is likely to be flat and boring without depth to it. Come and learn how to do it.

Thursday and Friday 16-17 January between 10:00-16:00. Get in touch via my website I look forward to hearing from you soon.

This is a snippet from that on which I am working towards the RHS exhibition in April. It is in coloured pencil: